Thursday, November 18, 2004

Middle of the Week traffic has slowed a Bit

Good Morning,

The traffic on the van has slowed down a bit... Although I saw that someone from Australia has looked at the van today. I don't know what I would do if he bid and won. I hope that they see that this auction is for the United States only.

I usually sell worldwide. I love to communicate and visit with people from Europe and other Countries. I have traveled a lot myself and have enjoyed making friends abroad. 2018 people have looked at the van to date. I am really impressed with the amount of traffic I am receiving.

I heard that eBay Motors gets the most traffic have the most page views and the largest visits per person. People looking for cars stay on eBay approximately 43 minutes! Each time they visit and they visit an average of 4.4 times when looking for a car! That is 4 times more than anyone of the other Automotive Web Site. When spending money trying to sell your car why would anyone choose a classified ad with no photos or placing it on the web at any other website.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Van is over $1,000

Today the bids on the climed all the way to $1,850 !!! My client had previously listed in in the paper for 1500.00 they are really excited about the prospects of selling it for more.

Monday, September 06, 2004

VW Vanagon Has Bids

Boy what a wonderful weekend. I am very happy that I now have bids on the van.... this means that the van will sell!!

I was planning to get up this morning and changing the bid to start at $1000.00 my reasoning was that people might think the van had major problems, which it does not, because the starting bid was so low. All that worry for nothing. You can not change anything in the listing once there is a bid, so I guess I am stuck with the voice over coming on automatically.

I emailed the first bidder ask his location and talked with him about transportation if he won just to make sure he was a serious bidder.

I called into the Making Money on eBay show on WS Radio and gave the van a plug. Kara remembered me and gave me some good advice. The Country Baker was on the show. She said she had sold a car on eBay and the buyer did not pay for it and she was out her listing fee. I called my clients and updated them on the progress of the sale. I re emphasied the possibility of selling it and the buyer not paying.

To date 537 people have seen the listing and 46 watchers... WoW!!!

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Lots of Looking but no Bids Yet!!!

Enjoying the long Labor Day Weekend, but still have to check to see if I have any questions on my Vanagon listing. So far no questions ... and no bids. The good news is that 253 people have looked at it and 13 are watching it.. so there is definately some interest.

Sellathon gives you a way to see where the person who looked at the listing is located. Boy what wonderful information!! Especially for the Motors people. It looks like I have had hits from Iowa, Georgia, Texas, even someone from Japan. It really is amazing how the internet makes this such a small world.


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Friday, September 03, 2004

Working with 3CIM

Well I emailed 3CIM This morning about the auto voice problem with the listing. I proofed the listing and made sure that the spelling an grammar were correct. The photos look nice and all the details can be magnified. Pretty Professional looking listing if I must say so my self. I needed to add several things that I overlooked last night.

I went to Sellathon to see if my counter was working would you believe that 75 people have already looked at the van and 3 are watching it... The Data at sellathon is very comprehensive and I can see where I am really going to like utilizing all that information. I need to spend some quality time on figuring out all the ins and outs of their program.

Seems as if everyone is knocking off early today for the long Labor Day Weekend. 3CIM will not be able to correct my problem until Tuesday.

Happy Trails
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Thursday, September 02, 2004

VW Vanagon Listing on eBay

Well I learned a lot today! After my morning post I decided that I would like to sign up for Sellathon, another service that I have heard a lot about. This will give me information on who what when and how people get to my auction. Then I started writing my listing. Boy it is very complicated describing all details of the van. I have learned that it is easier to do a bullet list of all the good things about the van and all the bad things about it. This organizes my thoughts and makes the copy easy to scan.

I am selling this Van on eBay as a Trading Assistant. One of the reasons the seller wanted me to try eBay is no one here in Southwest Louisiana wants a camper without an air conditioner and most people around here do not know what a VW Westfalia Vanagon even is. It is a vehicle which will be very popular on the West Coast.

I will be listing this with a third party auction management service called Spare Dollar. This inexpensive service provides you with the Best Templates, Photo Hosting and Auction Management at a mere $4.95 a month!! All the people there are friendly and helpful. Their forum is the greatest!

Last night after putting the finishing touches on my listing I went to upload and could not find any way to upload to motors. PANIC ... Oh No... put out a SOS on the forum board and someone quickly explained that Spare Dollar does not support the motors division of eBay. I thought I was had, but the work around is to View the Source of the the listing and copy and paste into eBay Motors Description Section. I love it... I can have my custom template and stand out from the crowd on eBay Motors without too many problems.

I worked on my Photos earlier today and put together a Fine Slideshow with Voice Over that will be added once the listing is live.

Boy... took me about 3 1/2 hours to get this listing up to my satisfaction. Since this was my first auto I don't think that was too bad. Here is the link... 1985 VW Vanagon I had a problem with the Slide Show voice over and somehow the Voice Track starts automatically !!! I will try to shut it off tomorrow. I started this auction at $499... hopefully this will be cheap enough to attract bidders real soon.

More Tomorrow... Good Night

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Ready to List the Vanagon

Today I will list the Van. I am so excited.

Kara, one of the eBay Gals from WS radios Making Money on eBay show emailed me, She suggests I try 3CIM Slideshow for the photos. There is a free month trial right now. This is a brand new service that I think has a lot of potential.

I signed up for 3CIM this morning. The photos are wonderful. Very Bright! It even has a great magnifying glass to really show the details. I sure hope it is not hard to use.

Kara suggested writing down a voice over which the person viewing the slideshow can press play to hear. She said this feature would be wonderful but, do not to have it start automatically.

The plan is to list the VW Vanagon tonight around 8 p.m. Central time.

I will list it for 10 days, it cost an extra $5 for 10 days but I think it is well worth it. The listing will run Thursday to Sunday with two weekends included. The reason behind me listing it now is this weekend everyone will be camping and celebrating Labor day or be surfing the web and relaxing. Hopefully next weekend they will be looking at campers and dreaming of the next holiday camping trip.

Wish me Luck!!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A New Month

With August behind us I do believe that fall and back to school are ahead. I always get rejuvenated in September. I guess it is because all the years spent in school.
September meant new clothes, school supplies and new friends. It still means that to some but to the Moms and Dads it means needing extra money to purchase all those items. You can make extra money on eBay by selling your old stuff. Or, you can take your stuff to someone who can sell it for you on ebay. I am an eBay Trading Assistant. I will be happy to discuss selling your items for you just click the button below to email me.

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Yesterday when listening to Making Money on eBay I learned that Kara one of the eBay Gals has sold a vehicle on eBay. I am going to email her and see if she has some tips for me to sell the VW Vanagon.

Have an Indian Bay Day!

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