Sunday, August 29, 2004

Listening to Making Money on eBay

Today is my catch up day. I check out all my forums, read the news online and listen to my favorite talk radio on the internet.

If you have not heard of WS Radio it is fantastic!!! They are the world wide leader on internet talk. I have learned so much about selling on eBay and starting my business by listening to the great programs online. Entrepreneur Magazine host several talk shows pertaining to business topics like Making Money on eBay, Home Biz Show, E-Biz Show, Sales and Marketing Show. These are all great and offer invaluable tips and tricks that I need to know for my business start up. The Entrepreneur Magazine Website is a treasure trove of information too.

Since I sell on eBay anther favorite program is eBay Radio with Griff. I listen to these broadcasts while I surf the web, write my ads and stock my store. These programs have been archived so you can go back and listen to pertinent information. They have it cataloged by subject which is real helpful. One of the other great features is you can listen live to the weekly broadcasts. This really helps keep you in the know about new products and services that are available. There are also question segments where if you have a question you can call in and get the answer. This is valuable FREE information in audio format.

I usually set up a playlist in Windows Media Player of the weeks programs and listen while doing house work or cooking. Always Multi Tasking!!

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