Saturday, August 28, 2004

Taking Photos of the VW Vanagon

Today I met with the client and took photos of the Van. We went to a scenic spot and started shooting.

On the exterior I started at the front moving to the left side, back and right side.

Inside I needed a shot of the dash, front seat, back seat, bed, stove area, interior of the pop up.

A photo of the engine and odometer close up... Woops looks like the odometer is broken and stopped. Details like these photos are critical because the buyer will not always be able to come and look the vehicle over before purchasing it.

After taking all of the required shots, I went around looking for damage to photograph and took a photo of the treads of the tires and any other things I might want to describe in my auction text.

All in all, I think I got some good photos. It took about 45 minutes because we had to open up the camper and close it up afterwards. Good clear photos are very important when selling a car on eBay.

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