Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A New Month

With August behind us I do believe that fall and back to school are ahead. I always get rejuvenated in September. I guess it is because all the years spent in school.
September meant new clothes, school supplies and new friends. It still means that to some but to the Moms and Dads it means needing extra money to purchase all those items. You can make extra money on eBay by selling your old stuff. Or, you can take your stuff to someone who can sell it for you on ebay. I am an eBay Trading Assistant. I will be happy to discuss selling your items for you just click the button below to email me.

Creole Trader

Yesterday when listening to Making Money on eBay I learned that Kara one of the eBay Gals has sold a vehicle on eBay. I am going to email her and see if she has some tips for me to sell the VW Vanagon.

Have an Indian Bay Day!

Creole Trader
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