Monday, September 06, 2004

VW Vanagon Has Bids

Boy what a wonderful weekend. I am very happy that I now have bids on the van.... this means that the van will sell!!

I was planning to get up this morning and changing the bid to start at $1000.00 my reasoning was that people might think the van had major problems, which it does not, because the starting bid was so low. All that worry for nothing. You can not change anything in the listing once there is a bid, so I guess I am stuck with the voice over coming on automatically.

I emailed the first bidder ask his location and talked with him about transportation if he won just to make sure he was a serious bidder.

I called into the Making Money on eBay show on WS Radio and gave the van a plug. Kara remembered me and gave me some good advice. The Country Baker was on the show. She said she had sold a car on eBay and the buyer did not pay for it and she was out her listing fee. I called my clients and updated them on the progress of the sale. I re emphasied the possibility of selling it and the buyer not paying.

To date 537 people have seen the listing and 46 watchers... WoW!!!

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