Friday, September 03, 2004

Working with 3CIM

Well I emailed 3CIM This morning about the auto voice problem with the listing. I proofed the listing and made sure that the spelling an grammar were correct. The photos look nice and all the details can be magnified. Pretty Professional looking listing if I must say so my self. I needed to add several things that I overlooked last night.

I went to Sellathon to see if my counter was working would you believe that 75 people have already looked at the van and 3 are watching it... The Data at sellathon is very comprehensive and I can see where I am really going to like utilizing all that information. I need to spend some quality time on figuring out all the ins and outs of their program.

Seems as if everyone is knocking off early today for the long Labor Day Weekend. 3CIM will not be able to correct my problem until Tuesday.

Happy Trails
Creole Trader
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